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ANSI Strainer

ANSI Strainer

The structure of ANSI Strainer is advanced, the resistance is small, it is convenient to clean the sewage. The medium are suitable for water, oil, steam. It generally installed in front end of the Pressure relief valve and Pressure reduce valve, cleans the sewage of in the medium and protects the normal work of valves and other devices. When people clean the strainer, people just take out the screen, after cleaning the screen, reinstall into the body, it is very convenient to fix and maintain.

  • ANSI Strainer
  • ANSI Strainer
  • ANSI Strainer Range:

Production Size: 1/2"-24" DN15-DN600mm.

Pressure Range: 125LB, 150LB.

  • ANSI Strainer Standard:

Design Standard: DIN.

Face to Face: BS EN558 F1.

Flange Standard: EN 1092-2.

Testing Standard: ISO 5208.

  • ANSI Strainer Main Material of Parts:

Body: ASTM 126B, ASTM A536 65-45-12.

Bonnet: ASTM 126B, ASTM A536 65-45-12.

Screen: 2Cr13/SS304/SS316.

Plug: ASTM 126B, brass.

Cover Gasket: Graphite with soft steel, EPDM, NBR.

  • ANSI Strainer
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