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DIN Resilient Gate Valve

DIN Resilient Gate Valve

The appearance and design are Perfect, replace the copper nut under the condition of pressure environment, and needn't to stop working, it is very convenient and practical! The Valve with anti-theft function. The valve cover is provided with a black protective sleeve which has the functions of dust prevention and water resistance, and the service life can reach 2 years.

  • DIN Resilient Gate Valve
  • DIN Resilient Gate Valve
  • BS Resilient Gate Valve Standard:

Production Size: DN50-DN1600mm.

Pressure Range: PN10, PN16, PN25.

  • DIN Resilient Seal Gate Valve Standard:

Design Standard: DIN3352.

Face to Face: DIN3202 F4.

Flange Standard: EN 1092.

Testing Standard: EN12226.

  • DIN Resilient Seal Gate Valve Main Material of Parts:

Body: GGG45/GGG50.

Bonnet: GGG45/GGG50.

Stem: 2Cr13/SS304/SS316/carbon steel.

Stem Nut: brass.

Disc: GGG45/GGG50.


Hand wheel: GGG45/GGG50.

  • DIN Resilient Gate Valve
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