Equal Tee

Equal Tee

Equal Tee is a type of pipe fitting which is T-shaped having two outlets, at 90° to the connection to the main line. It is a short piece of pipe with a lateral outlet. Pipe Tee is used to connect pipelines with a pipe at a right angle with the line. Pipe Tees are widely used as pipe fittings. They are made of various materials and available in various sizes and finishes. Pipe tees are extensively used in pipeline networks to transport two-phase fluid mixtures.

  • Equal Tee
  • Equal Tee
  • Description:

Equal Tee Material.

Carbon Steel: ASTM A234 WPB, WPC, ASTM A420 WPL1, WPL3, WPL6 and WPHY-42/46/52/56/60/65/70 Stainless Steel: ASTM A403 WP304/304L, WP316/316/L, WP321, WP347 and WPS31254.

Alloy Steel: ASTM A234 WP1/WP12/WP11/WP22/WP5/WP7/WP9/WP91 Duplex and super duplex steel: ASTM A815 UNS S31803/S32750/S32760.

Equal Tee Pressure: SCH5 to SCH160.

Equal Tee Standard: ANSI B16.9/B16.28 and MSS SP-43/SP-75.

Equal Tee Size Range: 1/2 to 72 inches.

Types: T, Pipe Tee, LT, Lateral Tee, RT, Reducing Tee.

End Bevel: According to the bevel of welding pipe fittings construction.

Surface Treatment: Shot blasted, rust-proof black oil.

  • Equal Tee
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